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Georgine’s Catering will help make your next private affair or event memorable. Bridal showers, baby showers, graduation parties, communion, annoversary celebration or birthday celebrations, holiday parties, or any special occasion, let Georgine’s make it extra special! We promise you the freshest ingredients along with hand-crafted cooking and exceptional service.   Our selection of catering packages gives you the flexibility to create a delicious menu while staying within your budget.

We offer catering in one of our private banquet rooms.  You get a choice of multiple entrees with a minimum of 30 and up to 230 people at a very affordable price. We also offer off-site catering where you can pick up your delicious Georgine’s food on the day of your event.

Contact us, Monday to Friday, 11 am to 7 pm at 215-785-0976 or email


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How do I get to see the Banquet Rooms you have for my party-can I just stop and show up?

No, if you are interested in seeing one of our Banquet rooms for an upcoming special occasion, wedding, birthday celebration or event meeting, you will need to make an appointment with our Banquet Manager. If you just show up chances are you will have to wait until someone is available to show you our rooms and answer any questions that you may have. You can book an appointment with our Banquet Manager, Monday to Friday after 11 AM by calling 215-785-0976. Please give her 24 hours to get back to you. You can also send her a message by e-mail,

What do I need to do to book a last minute Funeral Luncheon?

Since Funerals happen when you least expect it, you can contact the manager on duty at our front desk any day of the week after 11 AM to get information and book a Funeral Luncheon. They will take down all necessary information and have someone follow-up on the arrangements with payment information. Please call 215-785-0564 ext. “0”.

How many people can your Banquet Rooms accommodate?

All Banquet rooms have been recently been renovated and offer options and sizes to make your event or celebration memorable.

  • Papa Roy Room This room holds up to 150 people with a built in Dance Floor (Located on the 2nd floor)
  • Jesse Room This room holds up to 240 people with a built in Dance Floor (Located on the 2nd floor)
  • Comedy Room (WHOLE) This room holds up to 125 people, (Located on the first floor)
  • Comedy Room (A) This room holds up to 64 people, (Located on the first floor)
  • Comedy Room (B) This room holds up to 50 people, (Located on the first floor)

Is there handicap accessibility for those people who are disabled or cannot walk upstairs to the Banquet rooms?

The upstairs Banquet rooms are accessible by elevator for those who have walking disabilities.

Can I bring balloons for our celebration?

Yes, you can bring in balloons. They must have their own balloon weights and cannot be tied to anything in the room including the backs of chairs.

Can I decorate the room for our celebration?

You are welcome to come in and decorate your Banquet room 45 minutes prior to your affair. We do ask that no guests enter the room prior to the starting time unless they are helping with set-up. Please limit the amount of people helping because it makes it difficult for our staff to do their job with too many people in the room while they still may be setting up for your event. If you are going to decorate you must schedule this through the Banquet Manager so that we know you are coming. If you just show up you may not be permitted in the room until the wait staff is finished setting up.

What are the restrictions for decorating the room for our celebration?

  •  You cannot hang or tape anything to the walls, ceilings or Sconces. This includes the use of the Command/ 3M Strips.
  • You cannot use any CONFETTI, SPRINKLES and GLITTER OF ANY KIND on the tables or any area inside the room.
  • You are responsible to follow these restrictions and make sure that you share this information with anyone helping you with decorations.

There are no exceptions and if there is any damage to the premises from decorating or excessive mess caused by your guests there could be an additional $100 charge for cleanup that will be deducted from your deposit.

Does Georgine’s offer miscellaneous items for me to use while setting up for my event?

Nothing! That includes, projector screens (unless in the Comedy Room), electrical extension cords, tape, scissors etc. Please bring what you need.

Can I bring in candles for our celebration?

NO candles or decorations that are lit by a flame are permitted in any room. However, you can use electronic flameless candles for decorations on the table and within the room.

Can I move the tables and chairs inside the room after the room is set?

NO, once the room is set up for your event YOU cannot change the setup. However, you can ask the wait staff to make an adjustment (time permitting) to make the change. NO other tables or chairs can be brought into the Banquet room from another area without permission from the wait staff.

Can I bring a cake, cupcakes, cookies, etc. or outside food for our celebration?

You are permitted to bring a cake or other bakery items to be served with your regular desserts provided by Georgine’s. You cannot bring outside prepared food that is hot or cold such as Grandmas Casserole dish, etc. because of Bucks County Health Code restrictions that we must follow.

Can I bring in candy, gum or other confectionary items for our celebration?

Candy is permitted as long as it is individually wrapped. However NO GUM is permitted, wrapped or unwrapped. Any damage caused by candy or gum handed out during your event will be grounds for loss of your deposit in order to cover the cost of cleaning

Can I bring in party favors for my celebration such as small sealed bottles of wine to give to my guests and put them on the tables at their seat?

Yes, as long as the guests are not minors, do not consume them in the room during your celebration and take them home with them when they leave.

Can my guests smoke cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, etc. in our private Banquet room during our celebration?

NO, there is no smoking of anything permitted inside the Banquet rooms or inside the Georgine’s building or premises. There is a smoking area outside in the front entrance of the building.

Can I bring outside alcohol, beer, wine or liquor in for my guests to consume during my celebration if I do not have a Bar option as part of my package?

Under NO circumstances is any outside alcohol, beer, or liquor permitted in any room or on the premises during your celebration.

Anyone found with outside alcohol, beer or liquor will be asked to leave the premises. In the event that it is a guest who is under 21, the Bristol Township Police will be contacted to make a report and the guest could face prosecution. In order to protect our liquor license by the LCB there are no exceptions.

Can I bring in outside bottled wine, liquor or beer as part of a raffle basket?

Yes if you are having fundraiser as part of your event in our banquet room. You can bring these items as long as the basket is wrapped, the bottles are sealed and the person who wins the items takes the basket with them and does not open it up to consume on our property.

What is the advantage of hiring the house DJ?

Our House DJ will make your special event fun for your guests. It comes with use of our built in BOSE sound system (only in the upstairs Banquet rooms) that is tuned to put sound directly on the dance floor so your guests can still talk at their seats and not be blasted. You also have a state of the art dance floor lighting system that is included to make your special occasion exciting.

Can I bring in my own music or sound system for use during my event?

Yes, you are allowed to do that. However, you must have the proper insurance to cover any issues where people fall or trip over wires that you install or set-up for your event. You cannot touch or patch into the existing house sound system at any time or touch our equipment.

Can I hire my own Comedian for my celebration?

NO, because of our partnership with the Comedy Works Bristol no one is allowed to bring their own Comedian in for a private party. The Comedy Works Bristol has been in business for over 40 years and can provide a professional Comedian or Comedy show that will have your guests laughing and enjoying your private party. Call them at 215-741-1661 for more information.

Can I hire an outside vendor who supplies something that Georgine’s does not provide or is considered entertainment for my event?

Yes if you want to hire something in addition that will enhance your event (example Chair Cover vendor or Photo Booth, etc.) you may do so as long as they provide the appropriate insurance to cover any liability while in the room or on the premises. It must be current and cover up to $5,000,000 blanket
coverage minimum. This certificate of liability must be submitted to our  Banquet Manager 14 days before your event otherwise they will not be allowed in the building. Information about the people you are hiring as a third party vendor must be communicated to the Banquet Manager with their Name, address and phone number at the time the contract is signed and  acknowledged by the Banquet Manager.

Do you have a sound system in the Banquet rooms with a podium for use during my event?

Yes, As long as you request it in advance when you sign a contract we will provide you with a microphone and podium if needed.

Can I hire my own DJ or Band for my celebration?

Yes if you want to hire your own DJ or band you are allowed to do that. Information about the people you are hiring as a third party vendor must be communicated to the Banquet Manager with their Name, address and phone number at the time the contract is signed and acknowledged by the Banquet Manager. Whoever you hire will have to follow the rules for our Banquet rooms. They will need the appropriate insurance to cover any liability while in the room and on the premises. It must be current and cover up to $5,000,000 blanket coverage minimum. This certificate of liability must be submitted to our Banquet Manager 14 days before your event otherwise they will not be allowed in the building. They will have to carry their own equipment into the building and up the stairs if your event is an upstairs Banquet room. If they are a DJ or Band they will not be able to use a subwoofer and the sound must not be too loud. The management reserves the right to have them lower their  volume at any time if it is interfering with another party on the floor or downstairs. Because Georgine’s is a family restaurant with some private events that happen in other areas, the DJ or Band must not play any songs, that are considered inappropriate or vulgar that would reflect badly on Georgine’s. We want everyone to enjoy their time at your event without ruining someone else’s party. Booking the Banquet room and our services does not give you the right to play inappropriate songs or have the music higher than needed. We have the final say.

What is the policy for bringing young children to my party?

Parents with young children are welcome to any private event that you book in one of our Banquet rooms. However, children must stay with their parents at all times and not wonder into other rooms or areas. If children are running around someone can get hurt and it becomes a safety hazard for other people and our staff who may be carrying food, drinks or other items when clearing the room. The Banquet rooms are not playgrounds, no running, climbing on chairs or hiding under tables is allowed. Parents must make sure their children stay safe and show respect for the other people who are also in the room.

Does Georgine’s offer a special menu for young children?

Yes, you can order Chicken Fingers, or Pasta with Marinara for an additional cost.

When are the FINAL headcount, menu and bar selections needed for my event?

The FINAL headcount, menu and Bar selections are due 10 DAYS prior to your event. You must meet the ADULT minimum amount of people for the room before any discounts are given for children who will also be attending the event.

Children are priced as follows for a Buffet meal; ages 0-2 are free, ages 3-5 are half price and children 6 and above are normal price. Special meal platters ordered are priced in addition to your normal charges.

What if my FINAL headcount changes before my event?

You are responsible for the final headcount that you communicated to the Banquet Manager and cannot decrease the number of people in order to adjust your invoice to a smaller amount within 6 days of your event. Food for your event is ordered in advance and we cannot change that order on a last minute basis with our suppliers. We also schedule staffing 7 days in advance in order to have proper coverage for your event.

If my headcount is less than what I paid for, can I take the leftover food home?

No leftover food is permitted to be packaged and taken out of the building because of safety precautions and Bucks County Health Department restrictions. Personal bakery items, cakes and cookies are exempt from this restriction.

Are linens provided for my event?

As part of your package we provide White Linen table cloths as well as standard linen colored napkins that match the décor of the room. For an additional fee, colored table clothes and napkins can be provided as long as the minimum  amount is ordered in advance. That special order must be communicated to the Banquet Manager.

Do my guests have to be on time for the start of my event?

Yes, especially for a scheduled banquet that includes a Plated Menu. If they are running late they will be served after everyone else is served in order to keep on schedule for the rest of your guests who did arrive on time. For events that include a Buffet Menu it is not as critical but we do not leave the Buffet up for the entire event. If they show up after the Buffet line has been removed we cannot help them.

If I call or e-mail the Banquet manager, how long before I can expect a response?

Our Banquet Manager is the only person who is responsible for all events booked in Banquet rooms at Georgine’s. She gets calls and e-mails every day. She tries to answer the calls and e-mails in the order they come in. Please DO NOT keep calling or e-mailing because it wastes her time to go through each
message. Once you call or e-mail, please be patient and she will return your call or e-mail, normally within 24 hours. If you call please repeat your name and phone number and don’t say it too fast so that she gets the proper information.

Is a deposit required for my event and is it refundable?

Deposits are required for ALL events that are contracted for in our Banquet rooms. The deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and cannot be transferred. There are NO exceptions.

The deposits will be deducted from your FINAL balance due on the day of your event. Please remember that if decorating restrictions are not followed there will be a $100.00 Cleaning Fee deducted from your deposit

What kind of payment do you accept for the balance due on the day of the event?

Your balance due can be paid in CASH or check (with proper ID), (COMPANY and CASHIER CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED). We also accept all major Credit Cards.

The Balance due will include your deposit deducted, Pennsylvania State Tax (6%), Staff Gratuity (18%) and a (3%) processing Fee if paying by credit card.

Georgine’s appreciates your business and looks forward to serving you for a private event in one of our newly renovated Banquet Rooms. If you have any further questions please contact our Banquet Manager at 215-785-0976 or Thank you.

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